Paris Gloves announces their support of the Ski Quebec Athletes

14 / Nov / 2013 / Teams

Montreal, November 21, 2013 - Paris Glove of Canada is proud to announce a partnership with Ski Quebec to be the official supplier of gloves/mitts for their Athletes.  Ski Quebec now joins an exclusive group of teams sponsored by the Aulcair brand under Paris Glove of Canada over the past 30 years.  Teams such as Alpine Canada, Ski Cross, Freestyle, Ski Jumping, Telemark, Cross-Country, Nordic Combined, Speed Skating, Snowboard and Disabled Skiing. In addition, Auclair is the official supplier of the U.S. Freestyle and Nordic teams. 

Paris Glove of Canada founded in 1945 built its reputation on its ability to design and manufacture high performance gloves/mitts.  In 2011, the New Wave Group (NWG) purchased Paris Glove of Canada to complement their Sports & Lifestyle apparel brands. Today, Paris Gloves continues to focus on developing gloves and mitts that are technical and of the highest quality to support Canadian Athletes achieve their dreams. Paris looks forward to working with Ski Quebec to building a long-term partnership with the organization and their Athletes.

For further information on Paris Glove of Canada and the Auclair brand contact Robert Langlois at: 514.345.0135 /