Technical information

If leather is wet, allow it to dry naturally. Never apply direct or extreme heat.


Leather is one of nature’s most breathable materials (leather is skin with pores). Auclair’s leather is treated to be resistant to rain and perspiration. When wet, Auclair’s leather will dry soft and retain high tensile strength (resistant to abrasion) if permitted to dry naturally. 

Leather is drum-dyed, this process preserves the softness of the skin, the clarity of color, and the luxurious feeling of the natural leather. Without a spray coating it is referred to as “Naked Leather”. All leather for ski gloves should be drum-dyed. 

Animals are not killed for the production of gloves and mitts. Gloves/Mitts are a by-product from the animals used for food.

Leather Care

If leather is wet, allow it to dry naturally. Never apply direct or extreme heat. Never wash with harsh detergent as that removes the natural oils from the skin. Wipe off dirt with soap and water.


Tanned with ceramic “armour plates” incorporated deep into the leather structure offer a protective, yet highly flexible coating around the fiber bundles. The protective treatment increases the abrasion resistant by 25%, thus improving the leather’s durability against wear upon contact with other surfaces. Whilst very strong, Pittards Armortan® still retains its unique performance characteristics of water repellency, perspiration resistance, abrasion resistance, breathability and feel, as well as fit and grip.


The leather is extremely durable, and very soft. Often it is not left naked as the animal roams free and gets scratched and bitten. As the skin show scars, the leathers are lightly sprayed - making them more water repellent and lustrous.


Nature’s softest leather with natural water-repellency dries soft after being wet.


Don’t be fooled by thinking this is the wooly creature you are used to, it is more like a goat, it has hair not wool, it has extremely soft and lustrous qualities.

Cowhide, Soft, Strong & Durable

A popular drum-dyed leather used for shoes, clothing, and upholstery. There are selected skins saved for gloving leather. It has strong tensile fibers that make the product endure. As the gloves are worn, they take the shape of the wearer and become more lustrous and comfortable.


Premium quality pigskin - The “softest of pigskins” is highly breathable and has long wearing characteristics. It is used extensively in our Sport Collection for its flexibility and great gripping action.


3M and Thinsulate are trademarks of 3M

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation is soft with luxurious microfibers that provide a silky downlike feel. It is thin, lightweight, warm, breathable, moisture resistant and able to maintain warmth even under damp conditions.

150 gram of 3M™ Thinsulate™ LiteLoft™ Insulation provides superior, lightweight warmth in a high-loft insulation. It’s used in sleeping bags, gloves and high quality garments. It features a unique, patented formulation that result in a soft hand and lofty appearance. 

100 gram of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation has excellent Moisture Vapor Transmission. It stays highly breathable and dries quickly to keep wearer comfortable. Its unique microfibres are up to ten times smaller than the fibers of other synthetic insulations, which means they’re more effective at trapping insulating air and reflecting back the body’s radiant heat. 

40 gram of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation provides nearly one and one-half times the warmth of down and twice the warmth of other high-loft insulations when equal thicknesses are compared. It’s thin and compressible allowing for freedom of movement and flexibility.

We use branded insulations because that gives the consumer confidence. We know and the consumer knows what to expect from the product. 

From Albany International is an insulation that holds less moisture than any others, and acts as a water barrier. It gives efficient warmth as insulation of body temperature. “Outdoor” gloves with PrimaLoft® are incredibly soft with magical cache that it is comparable to ‘down’.


Softer silkier plush, insulation 100 - 200 gm with waterproofness


Brighter soft loft fiberfill 100 - 200 gm


Soft dense insulation for fashion fit or combined with soft loft for plush feeling


Soft feather touch fibrefill is used to plump up gloves and trap warm air held in the insulated materials.


Thermal cellular foam traps warmed air. You will find we use 3M™ Thinsulate™ exclusively and according to their recommended specifications, we cover the hand completely fully wrapping the fingers, thumb and whole hand.


The wind barrier that provides thermal insulation by blocking wind against the back of hand. Especially soft, quiet and breathable used in our fleece program.


Synthetic palm material

Hi-tech synthetic palm materials are highly resistant to abrasion. They vary in breathability and waterproofness. 

Why is breathability so important: Simply because dry is warm! No more sweaty palms. 

Why is elasticity so important: Simply because you move your fingers more than your toes and feet; or, any other part of your body.


Polyurethane on nylon “polyamide”, like suede, extremely resistant to abrasion, highly breathable.

Designer silicone palms

Waterproofness and great grip.

Shell Fabric


Our new luxury taslan processed microfibers have been tested to American standards for waterproofness and breathability. It has been accepted for American rainwear, we use a milky polyurethane breathable coating.

Auclair® RIPSTOP

This is our top of the line lustrous fabric. It has a textured weave to add interest and a new dimension for fashionable skiers. It is densely woven to ensure windproof and tensile strength, and coated for water repellency & strength with milky polyurethane.


Rough, tough, rugged nylon (polyamide), is also soft, and drapes comfortably around the hand. It is coated with milky polyurethane for water repellency and strength.


Densely woven fine yarns of nylon and/or polyester. Water rolls off the surface but allows perspiration to pass through. Some have a ciré finish. Others have a matte “cotton” finish. All are tested for strength at the seams.


Fleece fabric and Polyester Polar fleece are extremely warm and insulating fabrics, perfect for winter handwear.


At Auclair, we are very particular and fussy about our lining materials. Our fleeces wick away moisture and must feel very soft and plush. When a consumer tries the glove it should "feel good" and it will if the liner fits the shell.

  1. Mélange Fleece has subtle blends of colored fleece yarns to offer a sophisticated, subdued, soft color palette, like a Scottish field of fall foliage.
  2. Anti-pilling fleece has been knitted and specially brushed and crimped to give a soft puffy look that won’t pill. Some knitters even get a wavy effect, like cashmere. Enjoy the softness and wearability that wears without pilling.
  3. 4 way POLARTEC® and our own special blend is also available.
  4. Microfleece is a soft, napped, synthetic wool like material made from polyester. It is warm like wool and similar in appearance but it is much softer, lighter and easier to wear. It is also more environmentally friendly than wool.


X-Static is a luxury lining with an anti-bacterial component. It contains silver that neutralizes odor-causing ammonia and denatured proteins. In addition, X-Static regulates temperature, keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer.


Merino wool is wool that is excellent at regulating body temperature. It has a wicking feature explained by having fibers that are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other end, transmitting water vapor (sweat). Thus the wearer feels no moisture. Its lanolin is in fact also antimicrobial as well. All wool keeps one warm even if wet, but this wool is more efficient at  saving body heat, due to its fine hair.  It can make a very fine light- weight garment that gives warmth without weight, an important feature in outdoor products.


Used for linings or shells. Historically used in the Andes. The herd has been adopted into North America because it is a "charming & friendly" renewable resource, won’t bite, won’t spit, won’t kick, won’t itch, hypo-allergenic, five times warmer than wool, Rugged looking and reliably soft.


Waterproof gloves have been used for medical, industrial, and household purposes for a long time. But use for sport and recreation seems to be relatively new. For example, we used wind shell nylon oxford mitts to protect leather gloves when powder and back bowl skiing in the fifties. 

The idea to put a bag inside the glove is now already over twenty years old. The “bag” a totally self-sealed insert is placed between the lining and the outershell - as close to the skin as construction will allow. The film is not comfortable against the skin - it triggers a “clammy” sensation.


Breathable, waterproof, durable, high performance, advanced, technlogy, flexible, windproof and 100% effective.


Porelle® is laminated to 1 layer of fleece, the laminate is visible, one side.


Porelle® is a sandwich laminated between 2 layers of fleece.


In the USA we use the registered mark Ski-Dri


Our own polyurethane glove insert: sonic stitched to provide totally waterproof, windproof hand-gear. Made especially for the younger crowd who drag their knuckles in the snow.